Notable Texts

This communique from 2005 outlines the Zapatistas’ history and their perspective on fighting for political change. Today, it is still considered one of the most important documents published by the Zapatistas.




In August 2013, December 2013, and January 2014, the Zapatistas invited thousands of people to their communities for the “Escuelita,” which is an endearing term for the word “school.” Students traveled to a Zapatista community to learn about and witness the numerous improvements in education, health, women’s rights, and quality of life, and also studied textbooks that extensively discuss thesse processes in the words of dozens of different Zapatistas.



Zapatista spokesman Subcommander Marcos decreased his public appearances between 2007 and 2014, but simultaneously increased the depth of his analysis. Collected here in English translation for the first time, these talks include some of his most explicit, detailed, and inspiring criticisms of capitalism, political parties, academia, electoral democracy, disingenuous solidarity, and much more.

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The Seven Principles of Command by Obeying


These are the guiding principles of the Zapatista movement:

1. Serve and not be served.

2. Represent and not supersede.

3. Build and not destroy.

4. Obey and not command.

5. Propose and not impose.

6. Convince and not defeat.

7. Come down and not go up.

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