April 19, 2015

Letter from the EZLN to Doña Emilia Aurora Sosa Marín, wife of Mayor Insurgente Honorario Félix Serdán Nájera. Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés and Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano.



February 2015.

For: Doña Emilia Aurora Sosa Marín.
From: Subcomandantes Insurgentes Moisés and Galeano.
EZLN, Chiapas, México.

Compañera Emilia:

Several hours ago we got the news. We do not know how long these lines will take to reach your hands, but we know that, no matter the calendar, you will know to read in them the collective embrace which we give you.

Because the death, last February 22nd in the pre-dawn hours, of Don Félix Serdán Nájera, honorary official who was part of our Zapatista Army of National Liberation, hurts and causes sorrow here too.

Here we remember Don Félix’s firm and tender gaze, but also your presence. As if the walk were completed in both. That is why we tell you that his absence pains us. But the pain which now hurts in your heart, Doña Emilia, also pains us.

That is why in these letters we not only want to salute compañero Félix Serdán’s memory, we also want to embrace you.

You and he have shown us in life, that commitment and being consistent is not for bragging about, is not measured in stages, spotlights, grand discourses, and ominous calendars.

Because the struggle is not a momentary lightning-strike which illuminates everything and disappears without further ado. It is a light which, although small, is fueled every day at all times. A light which does not intend to be exclusive and omnipotent. A light which aims to unite with other lights, not to light up a monument, but to illuminate the path and to get lost.

In a few words: the struggle does not sell out, does not give up, and does not give in.

He, like you, always spoke to us and spoke with the simple and true word of those who share dreams, pains, and endeavors.

And when we listened to him, we listened to both of you. And it was both of you whom we saw, and see, at our side in the long path of resistance.

Because although there is no word which can soothe the pain, both of you have instilled in us the commitment of being Zapatistas up to the last breath.

That example of you both, which is repeated and reflected in men, women, and others in every corner of the planet, demands and obliges us into the two steps which we who fight for justice, freedom, and democracy insist upon: resistance and rebellion.

And just as we look at you, in your look we see ourselves. Because you both have been on this side without being dependent on trends and circumstances. You are present because you recognized that the path here and the path there have the same destination.

Without being worn down by the gazes and words from above, you both have always had open hearts for those who are like us. For those of us who absolutely do not trust the system which oppresses us, cheats us, attacks us. For those, with the same tender rage which could be seen in Mayor Insurgente Félix Serdán’s gaze and in yours, Doña Emilia, who build without fuss, without useless ceremonies, and without thunderous statements, the thousand mirrors of freedom.

We saw that a flag, the red and black flag of the EZLN, clothed the final repose of our compañero. We the women, men, children, and elderly of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation were and are with it and in it. With it and in it we are with you, Doña Emilia.

And in those who take shelter under that flag, both of your example will continue. The struggle will continue. Because it is true that death does not find relief if our gaze stops at the end. But here we think that death can only be cured with life, and life is only worthwhile with struggle. And struggle is only fertile when collective.

So we do not die with Don Félix. With his life we live. With his life and with that of many who die resisting and rebelling. Because although it appears that no one keeps record of the absences, there are those who are no one to forget it.

Receive our embrace which, even if it does not cure the absences, soothes by confirming, for you and for Don Félix, that your gazes are reflected here because the same steps are walked.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.

In the name of the women, men, children, and elderly of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés         Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano.

Mexico, February 2015.

P.D.- According to the compas of the EZLN VI Commission Support Team, a small donation was given to you which we sent when we got the sad news. With this letter they should give you a bit more. It is not much because our possibilities are limited. But support between compas has no measure. We know well that it does not soothe the pain of absence. But we know that you also suffer from economic difficulties due to the long sickness of our compañero. We are sure that the compas of the Sixth Declaration throughout the world, like us, will be sure to support you with what is possible.

Note from the Sixth Declaration Commission Support Team.- The bank account if you wish to support the compañera is Banorte, in the name of Aurora Sosa Marín, account number 0245483284. 9676 Plaza Cuernavaca, branch 2507 Jojutla clabe 072544002454832840

Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales.
Originally published on March 1, 2015.
Click here for original Spanish text.

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