November 9, 2013

Denunciation of Aggressions Against Compañeros of the FPFVI-UNOPII


We denounce that on November 7th, 2013, compañeros and compañeras of the Frente Popular Francisco Villa Independiente member of the Unidad Nacional de Organizaciones Poulares de Izquierda Independiente (FPFVI-UNOPII), were assaulted by an armed group which with excessive violence and weapons in hand expelled residents from a property belonging to the organization located in Delegación Tlahuac, Colonia Miguel Hidalgo, on the street Francisco Landino near the corner with Guillermo Prieto.

A group of approximately 40 men with shotguns and in cars, cocked their guns and after a dozen shots, threatened, beat, and ultimately expelled residents from the property, which was protected by compañeros and compañeras left injured, some of them, with fractures, bruises, and wounds that left permanent marks on their foreheads and various parts of their bodies.

Moments after said events police units arrived from the Mexico City Department of Public Safety (SSPDF) which did not make even the least attempt to stop any of the armed aggressors, the “Benito Juárez” motorcycle-taxi group are also indicated as aggressors, who operate and have their base on the street Arabela, in the colonia Miguel Hidalgo, in the borough of Tlahuac, who are sheltered by officials from the Mexico City government.

Finally and when everything had already happened 300 more riot police came to the property contending, that they were going to restore order, when in reality they only went to make sure that members of our organization did not retake the property, without regard for the abuse that we suffered, the excuse they said was that they were there to keep the peace and see that the property was turned over to whoever owns it, nothing else mattered.

We know that those who have as their motto “to serve and protect” only serve for the protection of those who beyond performing their job for the benefit of the people, only abuse the positions that they have, like the ex-official Alejandro López Villanueva who is also indicated as an instigator and using double standards presents himself as a supposed mediator, even though we now know that the true objective is to create a conflict through deceit and confusion in order to benefit with this.

That is why we denounce and frame these actions as part of the strategy to disarticulate and silence the voices that in this country are seeking better living conditions, clear examples are the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Guerrero, Michoacán to name a few; today these states face a climate of violence and repression that is made latent and each day worsens at the national level against social organizations.

It is clear to us that acts like those which we suffered in the previous days, are repeated by the same bosses who live in other states and who have the same objective: to provoke, intimidate, displace, and try to weaken the struggle today. A struggle that like ours now carries 25 years, where we have stayed away from political parties, developing in spaces like the property that they intend to take away from us, places where dignified living truly exists. At the same time it is important to point out that this leaves uncovered the conspiracy that the authorities, as much as the political parties—like the PRD—have in these boroughs and that their leaders beyond seeing to the well-being of the population only operate under individual interests.

In the face of the extreme secrecy and silence of the authorities complicit with the media, we make a call to all those who struggle against corruption, plunder, contempt, and all other actions that violate human dignity, also to those organizations or unions that day to day are struck by this politics that is increasingly repressive against everyone, as well as all of the anticapitalist organizations, which through all this time have accompanied us national ones as much as international ones, and to the people in general, we encourage you to be attentive.

Due to this we declare the following:

-We demand that the property in question be returned to our organization, since we already have the documentation that guarantees that it is our property; it is not true that the property is in dispute, thus we do not accept negotiation with those who have clearly proven to take advantage of necessity as is the case with Alejandro López Villanueva or any other ex-official or official who with false documents and contending that there is a supposed dispute, which does not exist, want to profit from the matter, we reiterate that our organization acquired said property in a legitimate manner, which for the authorities today is not valid, nor is it of importance.

-An end to the climate of violence and hostility using armed groups against the social movement since combined with the negligence of public officials can have confrontations as a result, generating a climate of violence and ungovernability.

-We hold responsible the authorities that are to blame for any act of violence against the members of the organization.

-Punishment and presentation of the intellectual and physical authors who with great violence, injured our compañeros.

-We call for solidarity, denouncing and not permitting the plunder of a space, where members of one of our cooperatives have focused their efforts and resources to be able to construct a dignified space for living.

-We reaffirm the ultimatum that as part of the Alianza Mexicana de Organizaciones Sociales (AMOS), we made in various boroughs such as Iztapalapa and Tlahauc, for the resolution of the demands mentioned there, adding to these, the recent problematic otherwise we will make good on our word and implement the plan of action that we announced in said acts and which consists of a general shutdown in the east of Mexico City and Mexico State, as well we will also be denouncing and creating other actions that allow for the unmasking of the repressive politics that is being implemented in the city by officials that call themselves left-wing.


Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales
Read the original text on the UNOPII website or Enlace Zapatista
Originally published on November 8, 2013

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