November 21, 2013

Report on Acts of Aggression Against Zapatista Support Bases: 2006-2012

Notes on the translation:
Because this report is based heavily on quotes from the denunciations themselves, one should not expect smooth sailing when reading it. Sentences are often long, with few periods or commas. Terminology and phrasing is unusual, and grammar is choppy. In translation, I could have opted to polish these elements, but at that point I might as well have forgotten about translating the Juntas’ denunciations and simply written my own denunciations of the same events. Part of the beauty of reading this report is reading the denunciations in the words of the Zapatistas themselves, of the five Juntas de Buen Gobierno. I have attempted to preserve that experience to the greatest extent possible in this translation.

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  1. Here in the homeland of the North American Corporate Empire, few of us know our neighbors; most of us work longer hours for less -- and have little time for our families. Bound by the invisible chains of non-democratic capitalism -- hours of driving to and from our homes, constant fear of unemployment and drugged by television, resistance seems distant and impossible. We're isolated by xenophobia, and our ignorance of other languages. The opposite of this experience is solidarity, which may be years away but can arise within an instant. To all comrades from Chile to Canada: We are all Americans and are grateful for your dedication and fearlessness despite overwhelming odds. To all comrades across the globe: Mòran taing - Many thanks - Muchas gracias - Molto grazie -- Vielen dank. We will carry on despite all odds, until always... Hasta siempre!

    Comrade Gill MacGillecheran