November 21, 2013

Pronouncement WG No Estamos Todos: The Freedom of Alberto Patishtán

San Cristóbal de Las Casas, 1st of November, 2013

Among many, we knew that this day was going to arrive.

Today the dignified words begun to flower in many places, the breath will emerge in memory of those struggles in which each one, far and near, contributed something over more than a decade. This immense victory which is the freedom of Alberto Patishtán Gómez, indigenous prisoner adherent to the Sixth Declaration and condemned by the “power of those from above” to 60 years in prison, is a victory that was woven from below, in spite of the fact that those from above now want to capitalize on what was their paltry and useless stupidity.

The seed of organization that el Profe sowed in the prisons has already given many fruits of freedom, years of life recovered by dozens of prisoners. At last it was his turn to leave, but the prisons of Chiapas are no longer only a societal garbage dump hidden from public view, but rather have become factories of conscience and trenches of struggle, with the confluence of organizational work as much by the inmates as by organized groups of social movements. This combative encounter occurred because Alberto Patishtán opened doors and hearts.

Seed sown through teachings which also we the organizations and collectives have received; wise, patient, serene, and forceful words but also examples of direct action—such as strikes and sit-ins—carried out within the prisons.

There will be time to analyze, study, and act again.

Today we simply join the collective rejoicing, smile with the smile of Alberto, and cry with joy together with his family, which has never stopped struggling.

And, as is the duty of each compañer@, we do not forget those who remain.
In Chiapas we are missing:

Alejandro Díaz Santiz, Solidario de La Voz del Amate—CERESS No. 5
Antonio Estrada Estrada, adherent in San Sebastián Bachajón—CERESS No. 17
Miguel Demeza Jiménez, adherent from San Sebastián Bachajón—CERESS No. 14

And for the rest of the political prisoners of the Sixth Declaration and of the world, we continue shouting with more determination than ever:

Down with the walls of the prisons!

Working Group “No Estamos Todxs”

Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales

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