November 6, 2014


The war against our indigenous peoples has lasted now more than 520 years, capitalism was born from the blood of our peoples and the millions of our brothers and sisters who died during the European invasion, we must add those who died in the wars of independence and of reform, with the imposition of liberal laws, during the Porfiriato, and in the revolution.
In this new war of neoliberal conquest the death of our peoples is this system’s life condition.
In the last decades thousands and thousands of us have been tortured, murdered, disappeared, and imprisoned for defending our territories, our families, our communities, our culture, our life itself.
We do not forget. Because that blood, those lives, those struggles, that history with the essence of our rebellion against those who kill us; they live in the life and in the struggle of our peoples.
These are our most recent deaths:
Compañero Galeano of the La Realidad Junta de Buen Gobierno and Votán of the Escuelita: Freedom According to the Zapatistas, violently murdered in the La Realidad Caracol, Zapatista Autonomous Municipality, San Pedro Michoacán, last May 2nd by paramilitaries from the CIOAC-H, protected by the paramilitary Manuel Velazco Coello and the supreme paramilitary boss Enrique Peña Nieto.
On December 22nd, 1997, a group of 49 people from Las Abejas, including 4 unborn children, while they prayed in the Acteal parish, Chenalhó municipality, were violently murdered by a group of Priista paramilitaries protected by the state government and by the criminal Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León.
The murdered adults: Manuel Santiz Culebra, Daniel Gómez Pérez, Victorio Vázquez Gómez, Miguel Pérez Jiménez, Ignacio Pucuj Luna, Alonso Vázquez Gómez, Lorenzo Gómez Pérez, Antonio Vázquez Luna, María Pérez Oyalté, Marcela Capote Ruiz, Marcela Pucuj Luna, Catalina Luna Pérez, Manuela Pérez Moreno or Manuela Paciencia Moreno, Margarita Méndez Paciencia, Marcela Luna Ruiz, Juana Pérez Pérez or Florinda Pérez Pérez, María Gómez Ruiz, Verónica Vázquez Luna, Paulina Hernández Vázquez, Susana Jiménez Luna, Rosa Pérez Pérez, Antonia Vázquez Pérez, Marcela Vázquez Pérez, Juana Luna Vázquez, Juana Gómez Pérez, María Capote Pérez, Marcela Capote Vázquez.
The murdered minors: Martha Capote Pérez, Rosa Vázquez Luna, Loida Ruiz Gómez, Micaela Vázquez Pérez, Josefa Vázquez Pérez, Sebastián Gómez Pérez, Juana Pérez Luna, Roselina Gómez Hernández, Lucía Méndez Capote, Graciela Gómez Hernández, María Luna Méndez, Silvia Pérez Luna, Vicente Méndez Capote, Micaela Vázquez Luna, Juana Vázquez Luna, Alejandro Pérez Luna , Juan Carlos Luna Pérez, Guadalupe Gómez Hernández.
Juan Vázquez Guzmán and Juan Carlos Gómez Silvano, from the Tzeltal community of San Sebastián Bachajón, murdered on April 24th, 2013 and March 21st, 2013, respectively, for the defense of the territory in conflict with ejidal Authorities and the three levels of the evil government.
Filemón Benítez Pérez, Antonio Benítez Pérez, María Núñez González, and Vicente Pérez Díaz, murdered on November 13th, 2006, members of the Xi-Nich organization, Choles from the community of Viejo Velasco, Ocosingo at the hands of elements of the Sectorial Police with high-power weapons.
Héctor Regalado Jiménez, member of the Popular Assembly of the Juchiteco People, who died on August 1st, 2013 due to the wounds inflicted by the Auxiliary, Banking and Industrial, and Commercial Police, and gunmen from the company Gas Natural Fenosa, who served as guards within the wind farm.
Pablo Jarquín Ruiz, Mixe murdered upon complaining about the shots fired which frightened the children from the town elementary school when the army entered their community on December 17th, 2012.
Maximino Salinas Hernández, president of the Ejidal commission of his community, Fuerza Chinanteca Kia-nan, from San Antonio Las Palmas, Jocotepec, murdered on June 30th, 2012 two months after his town withheld machinery from the municipality to demand public works.
Carlos Sánchez López murdered on August 8th, 2003 in Juchitan, Oaxaca, Manuel Posada Chévez murdered on April 5th, 2004 in Unión Hidalgo, Oaxaca, in the context of the Unidalguence Citizen Council’s struggle, against Plan Puebla-Panamá and the corruption of the Priista mayor Armando Sánchez.
Aristeo Flores Rolón and Nazario Aldama Villa, indigenous representatives of the Nahua community Ayotitlán, Sierra de Manantlán, who were members of the Elders’ Council, Traditional Authorities of the Sierra de Manantlán and who were murdered in September 2001 and May 2003.
Juan Monroy and José Luis Rosales Conteras from the highland communities of the Nahua Ejido of Ayotitlán, in the Telcruz delegation: Pursued and gunned-down for defending the organization against overlogging in the zone.
Diego Ramírez Domínguez, Simón Pineda Verdía, Simón Pineda (Jr.), Quintín Regis Valdez, Erik Nemecio Domínguez, Ernesto Nicolás López, Pedro Nazario Domínguez, Pedro Guzmán Ramírez, Ambrosio Verdía Macías, Francisco Verdía Macías, Pedro Leyva, Isidro Mora Domínguez, Feliciano Cirino Domínguez, Jonathan Verdía Gómez, Fortino Verdía Gómez, Nicolás de la Cruz Rojas, Rafael de la Cruz, Juan Faustino Nemesio, J. Trinidad de la Cruz Crisóstomo, Crisóforo Sánchez Reyes, Teodulo Santos Girón, Feliciano Corona Cirino murdered between 2008 and 2013 in the Nahua community of Santa María de Ostula, Michoacán.
For them we demand JUSTICE!
These are our disappeared:
Celedonio Monroy Prudencio, Nahua from the community of Loma Colorada, in the Nahua ejido of Ayotitlán, Sierra de Manantlán, Jalisco, who was disappeared by alleged ministerial police in his residence last October 22nd, 2012.
Agustín Mancilla Partida, Nahua disappeared last October 2012 in the Nahua community of Villa Purificación.
Javier Martínez Robles, Gerardo Vera Orcino, Francisco de Asís Manuel, Enrique Domínguez Macías, and Martín Santos Luna, Nahua villagers from Santa Maria Ostula, disappeared on various dates between 2010 and 2013.
The Guzmán Cruz family, first names Amafer, Solón, Armando, Venustiano, and José de Jesús Guzmán Jiménez, disappeared on July 24th, 1974, persecuted for their political activism, in an operation in which the Mexican Army entered into the Purépecha community of Tarjero, Zacapu municipaliy, Michoacán, taking the family with them.
Teodulfo Torres Soriano, indigenous migrant from Oaxaca, was disappeared between March 23rd and 26th, 2013 for being the principal witness of the attack and subsequent death of Juan Francisco Kuykendall on December 1st, 2012.
Flabio Granado Llanos and Cornelio Viberos Venabidez natives of San Francisco Agua Fria, Tatahuicapan municipality, they were coming from San Antonio, disappeared since December 21st, 2012.
They took them ALIVE, we want them ALIVE!
These are our prisoners:
Alejandro Regalado Jiménez, Binnizá from Juchitán de Zaragoza, prisoner on April 3rd, 2013 and sentenced to 10 years in the Tehuantepec prison detained for being Zapoteco indigenous and living in the seventh section of the town where the Popular Assembly of the Juchiteco People (APPJ) defended the land, the territory, and the air against the invasion of the Spanish company Gas Natural Fenosa’s Bii Yooxh’o wind farm.
Álvaro Sebastián Ramírez, Justino Hernández José, Eleuterio Hernández García, Abraham García Ramírez, Zacarías Pascual García López, Agustín Luna Valencia and Fortino Enríquez Hernández, Binnizá indigenous from San Augustín Loxicha, teachers and peasants, guardians of their towns, detained for 18 years, sentenced between 20 and 30 years in prison.
Pablo López Alavez, Binnizá indigenous from San Isidro Aloapan, prisoner in the Villa de Etla, kidnapped in 2010 by alleged furniture-makers and reappeared in said prison. Defender of the forests, territory, and natural resources of his community.
Dionisio Tapia Isidro, Sixto José Miramar y Filomeno Ortiz Antonio, Mixe indigenous from San Lucas Comotlán, Oaxaca, who were imprisoned only for asking the Mexican Army the reason why it entered into their community on December 17th, 2012.
Enedina Rosas Vélez ejidal commissioner of San Felipe Xonacayacan, Atlixco Nahua indigenous member of the Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Land and the Water of Morelos, Puebla, and Tlaxcala FPDTA-MPT detained last April 6th, prisoner in the regional CERESO of Atlixco, for defending and respecting the decision of his people against the plunder of lands by the Morelos Integral Project (PIM) and denounced by the Italian company Bonatti.
Juan Carlos Flores Solís from San Andres Colula, Nahua region of the Puebla valley, member of the FPDTA-MPT detained last April 7th, prisoner in the regional CERESO of San Pedro Cholula, for defending the right of the peoples in the face of the plunder caused by the PIM, denounced by the evil government of Rafael Moreno Valle, 2 more apprehension orders were read to him, one by the Italian company Bonatti, and the other by the Federal Electricity Commission.
Alejandro Díaz Santís, Tzotzil from Mitontic, sentenced to 30 years in prison without having committed any crime, he is imprisoned in CERESO number 5 in San Cristóbal de las Casas.
Rubén Díaz Orozco who spent 17 years imprisoned for being a societal leader, is imprisoned in the CERESO of San José El Alto, Querétaro since March 1998. The compañero is about to turn seventy and with serious health problems. (It is demanded that he be released due to his being elderly and his severe health problems).
Rómulo Arias Mireles, Pedro Sánchez Berriozabal, and Teófilo Pérez González, water defenders in the Nahua community of San Pedro Tlanixo: sentenced to 54, 52, and 50 years in prison respectively; Lorenzo Sánchez Berriozabal, Marco Antonio Pérez González, and Domingo Martínez González, who are currently being processed imprisoned in the Santiaguito Prison, Almoloya de Juárez, for struggling against the plunder of water on the slopes of the Xinantecatl volcano for large flower-growing companies.
For them we demand their FREEDOM!
Just the same we demand the cancellation of the apprehension orders of the following brothers and sisters of ours:
Mariano López Gómez, Raymundo Regalado Jiménez, and Carlos Sánchez Martínez, members of the Juchiteco People’s Popular Assembly, who were denounced for fabricated crimes and have to live in constant alert, denounced by the transnational wind company Gas Natural Fenosa.
Avelino Velazques Tapia, Eusebio Aguilar Torres, Alejandro Torres Chocolatl, Adela Ramos Villalba, Juan Álvares Tapia, Federico Villalba Ramos, Nahua indigenous members of the Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Land and Water of Morelos, Puebla, and Tlaxcala FPDTA-MPT denounced by the Federal Electricity Commission for defending the land and the water in opposition to the Morelos Integral Project.
Cirilo Rojas López y Casiano Pérez Magallón, Jorge de los Santos Pérez, Vicente Paredes Perales, José Abraham de la Rosa Sanabria, Ismael de los Santos González, Petra Sanabria Claro, and Manuel Alejandro Jacobo Contreras, all inhabitants and villagers of the Coca community of Mezcala de la Asunción, who have been denounced and persecuted unjustly by the invader Guillermo Moreno Ibarra beginning in September 2011 for defending communal territory. Salvador de la Rosa Paredes who was denounced and who now is denounced by the aforementioned invader.
Likewise we demand an end to the harassment and threats against the following brothers and sisters of ours:
Last Monday, August 4th, while we were doing this exchange, 10 civil servants from the Federal Communications Institute (IFETEL), lead by Raúl Leonel Mulhia Arsaluz, and accompanied by two police officers and three pickup trucks of the Federal Preventative Police, violently raided the facilities of Radio Zacatepec, in the Nahua community of Santa María Zacatepec, in the Municipality of Juan C. Bonilla, confiscating a transmitter, two microphones, a transformer, a CPU, and a console; minutes later eight plainclothes men, with slacks and plain white collared-shirts, with a IFETEL badge as identification and accompanied by three police officers from the Federal Preventative Police who blocked access to the street, threatened compañera María Eugenia Toxocoyoa, operator of Axocotzin Radio, from the Nahua community of San Bernadino Tlaxcalancingo, in the Municipality of San Andrés Cholula, demanding that she allow them to enter the radio facilities, or if not they would make use of police force; six men entering the facilities and damaging them, taking the transmitter, the monitor, three microphones, and the CPU which contains all the historic, social, and political memory which the radio had gathered in the Tlaxcalancingo Auxiliary Committee. These actions were orchestrated by the federal government and the government of Rafael Moreno Valle with the purpose of curbing the struggle of the peoples of Tlaxcala, Puebla, and Morelos against the Morelos Integral Plan.
The commander of the community police in Santa María Ostula, Cemei Verdía Zepeda, against whom it is intended to put together a homicide attempt in his struggle against the plunder of land and natural resources.
Rey Pérez Martínez, former president of the Ejidal Commission of San Pedro Tlanixco, and Santos Alejandro Álvarez Zetino, against whom a systematic repression was unleashed, raids of their homes at high hours of the night, and they cannot return to their homes for the past 11 years.
Carmen Ruiz Martínez, member of the APPJ who has received death threats, via telephone by hitmen from the company Gas Natural Fenosa, who intend to kidnap her.
Raúl Javier Gatica Bautista, indigenous Mixtec exiled outside of the country by the constant death threats that he received for defending the right of the peoples who make-up the Ricardo Flores Magón Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca (CIPO-RFM).
From our pain our rage was born, from the rage our rebellion, and from the rebellion the freedom of the peoples of the world will be born.
From La Realidad Zapatista, August 2014
For the integral reconstruction of our peoples
Never more a Mexico without us
Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales.
Originally published on August 16th, 2014.

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