December 1, 2014

RvsR: Freedom for the Compañeras and Compañeros from San Francisco Xochicuautla!

With rage and indignation we denounce the imprisonment of our compañeras and of our compañeros from the Ñatho indigenous community of de San Francisco Xochicuautla, Lerma municipality, in Mexico State. The kidnapping, done by government, was around 1 o’clock on Monday, November 3: Felipa Gutiérrez Petra, Francisca Reyes Flores, Rosa Saavedra, Armando García Salazar, Domingo Hernández Ramírez, Mauricio Reyes Flores, Jerónimo Martínez, and Venancio Hernández Ramírez, have been criminally imprisoned.

Our compañeras and compañeros were realizing, in an organized manner, an action of civil and peaceful resistance for the defense of their land and their territory: they were preventing with their bodies, their lives, and their hearts, timber harvesting. In this way, they demonstrated that the Naucalpan-Toluca Highway, constructed by the company Autovan S.A. de C.V., is not only illegal and illegitimate, but represents a project which seeks to strip material, socially, culturally, and economically, from the Indian peoples of the region who for centuries have conserved and reproduced with dignity a life in community.

In the face of the struggle for life, the state police, in complicity with the paid media, who in a cowardly manner stepped aside, lashed out at our compañeras and compañeros, in spite of the fact that they have legal protection which prevents continuation of said highway’s construction.

Nor is it coincidental that this community in resistance is the site for the inauguration of the upcoming Global Festival of Resistances and Rebellions, to be carried out this December, convened by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation and the Indigenous National Congress, this aggression falls upon all of us, of this magnitude is the fear of the lords of money, but there above They know well, their repression does not scare us, it contends us and in an organized manner we will know how to respond.

Like so things in this country and the world, while in the rotten structures of power stupidity, cynicism, and crime are government and show their most tyrannical face; below resistance and rebellion continue, dignity and pain organize to defend and flourish life.

The Network against Repression and for Solidarity holds responsible Eruviel Ávila, that one who naïvely believes that he governs Mexico State, and his foreman Enrique Peña Nieto for this and any eventual aggression against the community of Xochicuautla.

We tell our compañeras and compañeros from San Francisco Xochicuautla that they are not alone, that we will denounce this affront and that we are attentive to the actions which you convene to reaffirm our solidarity and compañerismo.

We also make a call to the compañeras and compañeros adherents to the Sixth Declaration, to the students of the Zapatista Escuelita, and to all people who feel called from below and to the left, in accordance with your times, ways, forms, and geographies, to realize actions of denouncement, information, solidarity, and compañerismo with the dignified community of Xochicuautla.

Because freedom and justice are not demanded, but fought for and built from below and to the left.

Freedom and Justice for Xochicuautla!

An end to the aggressions!

No to the Naucalpan-Toluca highway!

Yes to organization from below and to the left!

Freedom for the political prisoners!

Against plunder and repression: Solidarity!

Red contra la Represión y por la Solidaridad


Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales.
Originally published on November 5th, 2014.

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