February 6, 2014

RsvR: If They Touch the Zapatistas, They Touch All of Us

RsvR: If They Touch the Zapatistas, They Touch All of Us

A little over one month ago the Zapatista revolt which stunned (and continues stunning) Mexico and the world turned 20 years-old. During this time the rebel communities, the Zapatista support bases, have constructed and nourished another form of doing politics in fundamental areas such as health, education, participation of women, housing, communication, culture, commercialization, to name a few. The insurgent uprising in this way allowed (among many other things) the recovery of important quantities of land and territory; this recovery of the means of production, has generated significant advances in the process of autonomy, and it has been a point of departure for that new world which reemerges.

In the present, like 20 years ago, the counterinsurgency strategy toward the Zapatista indigenous peoples continues; military personnel, paramilitaries “democratic peasant organizations,” commercial media, “social programs,” the political class in its whole, are part of this war of extermination, that which is headed by the evil governments in turn, as much federal as state, who have only responded to the interests of a system which needs to plunder, exploit, despise, and repress to survive.

Today the war continues.

Last February 1st of this year, the Junta de Buen Gobierno of the Morelia Caracol, denounced the aggression suffered by the Zapatista support bases from 10 de Abril ejido in the 17 de Noviembre autonomous municipality. The result of this attack is that of three gravely wounded compañeros and three more with light bruising, as well as humiliation and theft against personnel from the San Carlos hospital, who were prevented from realizing their work. The provocation, which has been carried out for six years and now was realized with firearms, comes from the Independent Confederation of Agricultural Workers and Peasants, the CIOAC “democrática,” indeed a cynicism to call themselves that, in addition to having the nerve to present a supposed “argument,” for realizing this action, a simple sketch. The objective is to plunder the lands that the Zapatista women and men have recovered since the first hours of 1994.

The Network against Repression and for Solidarity holds responsible for this and for any other aggression against the Zapatista support bases: Arnulfo González Jiménez, Jaime Luna González, Tranquilino González, José Lino Álvarez, and Humberto López natives of the 20 de Noviembre ejido; Francisco Hernández Aguilar, leader of the Regional Organization of Coffee-Cultivators of Ocosingo (ORCAO); and the foreman Enrique Peña Nieto who together with the butler child Manuel Velasco Coella, go at the front of this war.

We make a call to the adherents to the Sixth Declaration, to our fellow students of the Escuelita Zapatista, and to each person in Mexico and the world who feels this indignation and injustice as their own, to realize actions of solidarity and compañerismo according to each one’s ways, forms, timeframes, and spaces.

Power’s fear in the face of the dignified Zapatista struggle is as great as their aggressions, lets make our embrace of compañeras and compañeros raise the voice and walk the streets, avenues, and neighborhoods; because the new world that reemerges is a task of the many that we are below and to the left.





Against plunder and repression: Solidarity!

Red contra la Represión y por la Solidaridad

Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales

Originally published on Feb 3rd, 2014.

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