September 12, 2014

Homage to compañero DAVID RUIZ GARCÍA within the Exchange between Native Peoples and the Zapatista Peoples

Word of the compañero of the Indigenous National Congress, Armando García Salazar, of the hñahñu´ people of San Francisco Xochicuautla, in the homage to the late compañero DAVID RUIZ GARCÍA within the Exchange between Native Peoples and the Zapatista Peoples, on August 4th, 2014
I.- Words of compañero Armando García Salazar, in the name of the family and compañeros of the late compañero David Ruiz García.
Good morning to all.
Good morning brothers, sisters, grandparents, boys and girls, and all the compas who represent this movement.
Two months ago a nephew, a child, came to these lands in support of our brother Galeano, unfortunately in his return he suffered an accident.
He, in his desire to struggle do defend justice and the right of indigenous people, was in this movement since eight years ago. He had great desire to come to know all the Zapatista brothers and sisters, and why not say it, to shake hands with Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos. It was his greatest dream. He fulfilled it. He came to La Realidad.
Unfortunately destiny is so. Today nonetheless, we, his brothers and sisters, his family members, are here again. We do not take one step back because David wanted it so.
He, since his beginnings in the struggle, asked why much for a few and why little for many. I never could answer him because I myself had not understood yet. Nonetheless he believed that one day this was going to change and we are doing it.
All those here present bring an objective. All those here present bring conviction and we are doing what many people have done: raising the voice, not letting ourselves be, reclaiming what is ours and running here to the one who has invited us.
That was one of David’s objectives, which I humbly come in commission on this day to do what due to customs and traditions we have in our community: coming to leave him a cross in the place of his accident.
Thank you very much Zapatista brothers and sisters.
David, in his first visit to this beautiful state said, “I was to arrive and was to assert the voice of our tribe, of our indigenous people which is the otomí or hñahñu´.
Thank you very much for listening to me and for sharing our experience in this place. Thank you brothers and sisters.
The ceremony which began the exchange with the CNI AND THE ZAPATISTAS was realized and compañero comandante Tacho read the speech. After he finished all us compañeras and compañeros who passed to line-up on the stage went in the homage to compañero David Ruiz García in the place of the accident.
Someone from the family of the late compañero David said that it was scheduled to go to leave him a cross.
We left, we were walking in two columns, a compañero was showing right where compañero David impacted and until his death to put the cross there.
Compañero subcomandante insurgente Moisés began to clean the area and compañero comandante Tacho and another compañero were making a hole to plant the cross there. While the compañeras and compañeros of the CNI began to burn something like incense, they took an ember with the glass and began to pray and sing in the ways of paying homage to fighter compañero David. They were with the pain of the death upon seeing the compañeras and compañeros it is continuing on foot in struggle.
They sung a song titled “héroes y mártires,” and afterward they climbed in a little rise to go to plant the cross, there it is pure rocks and the cross remained planted, with branches of flowers and their pedestal. Again they prayed, sung. There was: VIVE DAVID, VIVE GALEANO Y LA LUCHA SIGUE and applause. One of compañero David’s compañeros in struggle said compañero David is going to be present here in all the struggles of our country, and they handed over a banner which compañero subcomandante insurgente Moisés received and he also gave his word that compañero David comes with us and is going to stay with us in rebel territory and the good thing about compañero David he knew where to give his life for the last time. Finally someone from the CNI asked to be accompanied in singing the Zapatista anthem and we returned.
Compañeros and compañeros of today August 4th, 2014. Today was the inauguration of the compañeros of the Indigenous National Congress.
First comandante Tacho gave his word. Comandante Tacho finishing his word, compañero subcomandante insurgente Moisés spoke and told us to go where compañero David’s accident was. We arrived where the accident was and the family of compañero David carried an iron cross, and carried branches of flowers, and seeds like beans and corn, and they planted it. They sung some songs for the compañero. The truth the family is very pained but at the same time they are strong because they are going to follow compañero David’s example, that he did not die anywhere, but died in Zapatista territory. After everything finished, the family handed over a bandana and an embroidery, they gave it to compañero subcomandante insurgente Moisés, and afterward subcomandante insurgente Moisés gave his word, that compañero David knew where to give his live, and that he always will be with us. And so we returned and continued with the work.

In writing and cameras, reporting for The Third Compas: the compañera insurgenta de transmisiones Angelina and the compañera insurgente de infantería Erika.
Note: “The Third Compas,” as its name indicates, is not media, nor are they free, nor autonomous, nor alternative, but rather whatever they are called, but they are compas… I think. It is a collective disperse in calendar and geography, and it would be completely anonymous if it were not for it exposing its members irreverent rebelliousness. They are the mass media of the EZLN and each one who can operates, which is very occasionally. It is formed of human beings and animals, although sometimes some are not differentiated from others. It includes those who work and review texts and images, they do it to cyberspace stuff, they remove, put, and, sometimes with success, they achieve something moderately understandable being published.
Its logo is a cat-dog putting the water mark where it should be, that is to say, below and to the left.
The registry in the Junta de Buen Gobierno continues pending due to the fact that all are in the exchange.
The reproduction without populational ends, circulation the wrong way, and non-consumerist consumption is authorized.
I attest: meow… or was it woof?

Translated from Spanish by Henry Gales.

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